Can I Sue Someone For Not Showing Up For A Probate Hearing?

Video Summary

Can I sue someone for not showing up at a probate hearing? Well, no you cannot because a probate hearing is whenever the judge is going to be passing on something that usually is a contested matter. So if it's contested and the other party doesn't show up, that means you will probably win. And so you'll win by default. Otherwise, most of the probate proceedings in Florida that are uncontested will basically not have to have a hearing or if it's a hearing is uncontested. If you have the executor or now we call them personal representative is not doing what they need to do, well then you file a petition to have them removed. And then of course, that is a contested hearing. And if they don't show up, well you'll probably win. So you do not have a separate lawsuit over someone not showing up for a probate proceeding. If you have any questions about probate proceedings, give me a call at 727-847-2288.