What Do I Do If A Contractor Runs Off With My Money?

Video Summary

If a contractor runs off with my money, well, it's difficult to try and recover this. But if it's a licensed contractor, you can submit a claim to the Construction Licensing Board. It's under the Department of Professional Regulations, and they have a fund. I don't know if that fund has any money in it. During the recession, it did not have any money, so the claims would have to be paid later on.

Before you're able to make your claim, though, you need to sue your contractor and get a judgment against him in order to file your claim. Also, you're not entitled to recover any attorney fees for filing your claim against a licensed contractor. The best thing to do is to make sure that the contractor is licensed so that you do have a recourse, and then if he runs off with your money, then you file a complaint with the building department in the Department of Professional Regulations and maybe pulled his license and complaint, and then sue him and get a judgment and make your claim with the Florida Department of Professional Regulations as far as whatever type of contractor he is.

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