If There's An Easement On Property, Can Anyone Put Anything On It?

Video Summary

This is a follow-up question is can I remove an easement from my property? The question was is that the … but sound like a family situation where there's a 50 foot easement across the property and the sound like adjoining properties with this follow-up question. The location of it appears to be across certainly a portion of one of the properties and is being sold, the parents are selling their portion.

My experience has been that usually easements are split down the middle so 25 feet on each side of the easement. In this instance, if you came in, they eat 25 feet of the 50 feet, it would run right through the middle of this party who is not selling property. And this question was is whether or not they could put anything on that 50 foot easement. The answer is no, they cannot. The easements are usually for specific purpose such as ingress and egress and so they are not even allowed to park cars on the easement. They can only use it for the specific purpose that is set forth in the document that created it. They can't use it for any other purpose. I suggest that you probably get some surveys or whatever to try and to find exactly where the easement is and try and make peace with whoever the new purchaser is of the property. They can only use it for whatever specified use that is set forth in the document that created the easement. If you have any questions, give me a call. It's 727-847-2288.