Can You Keep Other Beneficiaries From Knowing What You Receive From An Estate?

Video Summary

Can you keep other beneficiaries from knowing what you receive from an estate. You cannot and that the will that you have probated is public records, so that will show if you're receiving what everyone's receiving. If it's a part of whatever's left over after paying the creditors, which is called the residuary portion of the estate, and not set forth in the will, whenever there's a petition for distribution, well, then attached to that it shows how much each beneficiary is receiving and that's sent to everyone and hopefully all the beneficiaries are the ones that will agree to the distribution so that it does not have to be filed with the court.

The inventories for an estate's are sealed and are not public record so only the beneficiaries will know what everyone receives and that they received the will as well as a petition for distribution and discharge.

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