If You Are Family, But Not A Beneficiary, Can You Find Out What The Beneficiary Received?

Video Summary

If you are family but not a beneficiary of an estate, can you find out what the beneficiaries receive? The answer is no, you cannot, and that the inventory for the estate is sealed so that you are not going to be able to get a copy of the inventory. Therefore, you will not know what each of the beneficiaries receive and that there is a final petition for distribution, which then would set forth what is left from the estate after the payment of creditors, and that would show what each beneficiary receives. If you're not a beneficiary, you don't receive the inventory nor the final accounting and the petition for distribution discharge. You do not find out whatever everybody receives. Another problem is that many assets are jointly held with non-family members, and that's not something that'll be shown in the estate.

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