How Do I Find Out If I Am A Beneficiary Of A Trust?

Video Summary

How do I find out if I'm a beneficiary of a trust? This has been a problem for years that people have faced and that's part of the purpose of having a trust is so that it doesn't become public record. So, if someone has set up a trust they usually name themselves if it's an estate planning trust and then upon their death they name a successor trustee who's supposed to follow the instructions or what's set forth in the trust as far as distribution. They need to notify the beneficiaries. If the trustee fails to do that and doesn't notify you that you're a beneficiary, it's very difficult for you to get a copy of the trust in that you're not entitled to it and you don't know whether or not you're a beneficiary so you don't want to spend much money on attorneys fees to see about for trying to find out whether you're a beneficiary. If you don't have a copy of the trust to know one way or the other, well then I'm afraid that you're out of luck as far as trying to determine whether you're named in trust. Particularly if the successor trustee does not do what they're supposed to do and let you know if you are a beneficiary.

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