Must The Will Be Read To The Family?

Video Summary

Must the will be read to the family presumably after someone dies? The answer is no, and that I am asked this question any number of times, and I don't know of its origin unless it's out of the movies in that I've been practicing 45 years and this never has been a requirement under the probate code to read the will.

Under our present probate statute a copy of the will is provided to any of the beneficiaries and gives them an opportunity to contest it. No, there is no requirement to huddle all the family or the beneficiaries around to read the will and for them to comment or whatever. It says what it says and they will get a copy of it in the mail, and it's usually all part of the probate process which the personal representative is responsible and relies upon the lawyer to assist them in sending out copies of the will and letting them know if there are beneficiaries, and if so letting them know how much they are to receive or the will will state how much they are.

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