Can I Fire My Title Company After I Have A Sales Contract With Them?

Video Summary

Can I fire my title company after I have a sales contract with them? Well, are there any reasons to fire your title company? Well, yes there are. If they're not performing or they tell you that you can't solve particular problems, so that you do have the ability to do that. The title company is usually controlled by the contract, or whenever you sell your property it says the buyer can select the title agent, or it says the seller can select. In the Tampa Bay/Pasco County/Pinellas Hillsborough area, almost all contracts provide that the seller will select and pay for the title insurance. That gives you the ability to do that.

Many realtors also have a title company which the broker has some interest or they partner with someone, so many times they just simply take care of it for the seller and don't confer with the seller as to what title company they wish to use, and the title company proceeds with it. You do have a choice as to whom you would like to select. Furthermore, if you're not pleased with or you're having problems with them, there's no problem with discharging them. Usually in the title industry, they don't try and charge for the work that they have done. Then you can select whatever title company you would like.

If you're listing your home, you may wish to choose your real estate attorney or someone else to write the title insurance and be your title agent so you have someone available and if so, you simply need to let the realtor know whenever you sign the listing agreement who you'd like to close the transaction. Or, once you signed your contract, you need to tell them that you would like, in the Pasco County area say, "Well, I'd like to have Roland Waller take care of my title insurance, and that I understand that he's an attorney, sits at the table and closes the deal, and doesn't charge an additional attorney fee." That's something that you can do. You can select, you can discharge your title agent and rehire another one.

The reasons why you would fire or discharge your title agent is because they're not performing or they are insisting that there's a title problem, that they want you to pay a lien that you don't believe that you should or you can pay, so you may need to confer with a different title agent or an attorney title agent such as myself to see if I can solve the problems. If so, then I can serve as the title agent, although if there are title problems, there may be an additional charge for attorney fees to resolve any title issues and you can move the title order.

Whenever you're refinancing, many times the lender will say, "Well, could I see your title policy that you had whenever you purchased the property?" The reason for that is, is that you can give them the owner's policy when you purchase the property. You can get what they call a reissue credit or a discount on your title insurance. You can tell whatever lender you select whom you would like to do your title work. If you tell your lender, "Well, I'd like to have Roland Waller be my title agent," and give them my information, well then, I would be pleased to handle the refinance for you, so you can select that and the lender should use whoever you select, since you will be paying for it. If I've closed a deal previously, I can see about finding your prior policy and give you a reissue credit as far as refinancing's concerned.

If you're getting ready to sell your house, well, tell you realtor that you'd like to have my office handle the title insurance, and we'll be glad to quote you the fees, which I think are competitive with any title company, and you get the bonus of having me either at the closing table, or certainly reviewing the matter ahead of time. If you're with a lender, you can also ask them use my office as far as refinancing the property. If you are refinancing, well, I look forward to hearing from you. My phone number is 727-847-2288.