Lunch With A Lawyer - July 11, 2017


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Hi, I'm Chip Waller. Welcome to Lunch With A Lawyer. I'm trying to keep track, I think this our 13th addition, so we've been doing this for over a year and trying to come up with general topics or topics of interest. However, the biggest thing that we'd like to do is know what questions you have and try and answer those with Lunch With A Lawyer. We realize people tune in and tune out as far as the Lunch With Lawyer's concern on what are a particular topic.


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So, today's topic I thought I'd kick things off and talk about it just a little bit is, what is a quitclaim deed? I get questions all the time about, well, I want to use a quitclaim to do this, I want to do quitclaim for that. And it seems to be an answer to any kind of a legal or title problem, or anything doing with real estate. Well, a quitclaim deed says that, "I convey you whatever interest I have in the property." That's not saying that you own any portion of the property or any interest in the property, you're saying, "Whatever I own, I'm conveying to you or transferring to you." Quitclaim deeds are usually used to clear up any questions about title or correct any problems that may have appeared in the chain of title, rather than to facilitate or see that property is transferred to another party.


Many people want to see about using a quitclaim deed whenever someone's passed away to clear up the title of the decedent. Well, a quitclaim deed won't do that, you have to go through a probate proceeding to clean that up. Or, if there's any sort of controversy, they'd like to have the person execute a quitclaim deed. As far as that's concerned, well, you need to be very careful about using those and that you, I would suggest that you possibly use some other kind of deed attorney as far what you're trying to accomplish rather than, just saying, "Well, I want a quitclaim deed to cure whatever ill they maybe out there." Some people call them a quick deeds, some of them call them quit deeds. But anyway, quitclaim deeds are basically deeds that are out there that you use and it's a transfer or a deed, which transfers whatever interest you may have.