What is the Required Notice I Must Give My Tenant Before Stopping By?

Video Summary

What is the required notice that I must give my tenant that are running my house to do an inspection or come by. The landlord/tenant statute does give you the right to inspect your property that the tenant are residing there. You need to give them reasonable notice. What is reasonable notice? That's like beauty, it's all in the eye of the beholder. I would suggest that you should probably give them at least 24 hours notice. How do you give them the notice? How do you usually communicate to them? Do you text them? Do you call them? Leave a message? Do you call them or whatever? It's just a matter of courtesy as far as doing that to let them know you run into problems.

However, the tenent says, "No, you can't come by. I've got pets. I don't want you there. If I'm not there, all these are problematic." What your right is and and what actually happens are two different things [inaudible 00:01:19] can be. The last thing you want to do is wind up having to confer with an attorney to be able to go in and inspect the property. If I'm advising tenants, I suggest that they do let the landlord come in. If I'm advising the landlords, I suggest that they go ahead and reach out to the tenant and try and coordinate a time in which they can go by and go into the property.

If the landlord does go into property while the tenant is not there, I suggest that they possibly take someone with them so that they have a witness in the event the tenant then says, "Well, I'm missing this or I'm missing that," so just as a precautionary measure if the landlord enters the premises while the tenant is not there to have a witness as for as when and also what they observed as far as that's concerned, and also take pictures or video whenever they make the visit.

Although the statute says the landlord has a right of inspection, and I suggest to give reasonable notice and how many days, it may be specified on the lease or some other arrangement, but just trying to extend courtesy to the tenant and respect their rights and try to work with your tenant. Hopefully, it doesn't become an issue as far as you're running arrangement to the point where you can terminate the lease if they don't or send them a notice that if they don't allow you possession or inspection within seven days then that you will terminate the lease.

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