Jaleh - What Do You Like About Being A Lawyer?

Video Summary


What do I like about being a lawyer?


Well, there's really many things that I like about being a lawyer. But if I had to narrow it down, I would probably say the top two things that I enjoy about being a lawyer would be: problem-solving, and also helping people.


Well, let's start with problem-solving. So, problem-solving is really integral to everyday, and being a lawyer. Whether it's a problem involving an estate, or whether it's a problem involving a piece of real estate, it's always a problem. And your clients come to you, usually in their darkest hour, when they're having an issue and they have nowhere else to turn. So, for me, I really enjoy being able to take a problem, and to be able to help them by reaching a resolution, sometimes in very creative and unique fashions. So, problem-solving is definitely number one for me, as far as enjoying what I do.


Number two, helping people. Well, there's nothing greater than the satisfaction of knowing that somebody's life, or day, or even maybe that hour is made better, because you've given them peace of mind, by giving them clarification and direction in which way to proceed. You know, whether it's involving a Medicaid plan for their mother or their father. Or whether it's just simply drafting a power of attorney for them, to ensure that if anything would ever happen, they'd have somebody that would be able to act as their agent.



So, really, helping people is integral to what I do, and why I really enjoy being an attorney.