Do I Need A Lawyer To Transfer Property?


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Do I need a lawyer to transfer property?


Well, you probably don't need a lawyer to transfer personal property that does not have a title. However, if you are transferring an automobile you will go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and you have a title and it is pretty uniform.


However, if you are talking about transferring real estate, then a deed is what is used to transfer real estate. There are certain requirements that are required, so if you know what you are doing – not that you think you know what you are doing – then you don't need a lawyer. However, to be sure that this is accomplished and the correct legal description is included, I would strongly suggest that you contact a lawyer to prepare a Deed of Conveyance and that the legal description must be accurate. The marital status is involved; joinder of spouse is in the event it is your homestead or the spouse's homestead.


There is any number of other formalities as far as executing a deed. The cost for us to prepare deeds is $250, the cost to record, depending on whether or not there is a mortgage. So, if you know how to do it and you do it right, well, you don't need a lawyer. If you have some questions or you want to make sure it is done right, I suggest that you do use a lawyer. If you need some help with deeds, give me a call at 727-847-2288.