How Can I Dispute A Landlord's Claim Of My Security Deposit?


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How can I dispute a landlord's claim on my security deposit for repairs or damages?


Well it's addressed in the Landlord Tenant Act and the landlord must give you a notice of their claim within so many days. I believe it's 30 days from the termination. It may be 15 but they have a certain period of time where they must give you that notice. If they do not you're entitled to the return of your deposit.


If they do send you the claim, you need to sue them in small claims court, get the return of your deposit whereupon they will have to prove what the damages are. Unfortunately your remedy is having to go to court which is usually in small claims court in order to recover your security deposit from a landlord. If you have any question about that, give me a call at 727-847-2288.