Can I Use Renovations Done To My Home Office As A Tax Write Off?



Video Summary

Can I use renovations done to my home office as a tax write-off if I'm not self-employed?


This is an issue that you need to talk to your CPA about is whether or not you can write off a portion of your home as far as the expenses, the utilities and depreciate a portion of your improvements as a home office.  I don't necessarily believe that you have to be self-employed to do the write-off.  However you do need to devote it to your particular job as far as that's concerned as being a requirement.



But the answer to the question lies between you and your certified public accountant as to whether or not you can write it off and how much you can write off and there is a certain, I don't think a bright line test but it's more of a feel for the CPA to be able to tell you what percentage of the utilities and the renovations that you would be able to write off.  So I urge you to call and speak to your CPA about that issue.  But if you have any other issues well give me a call at 727-847-2288.