After A Notice Of Comencement Is Signed Can You Change Contractors?


Video Summary

After a Notice of Commencement has been signed, can you change your contractor?  The answer is yes; however, it is circumstances surrounding changing your contractor is what's critical.


If you change it before you go in to get your building permits, or while you're getting building permits under a different contractor, well then you will simply prepare an Amended Notice of Commencement before you ever start work.  If however you terminate your contractor, well then you've got to through a termination process as far as terminating the contractor and simply filing an amendment as your Notice of Commencement is concerned.  So yes, you can.  It is somewhat difficult to do.  And usually involves discharging a contractor and then filing a Notice of Recommencement under a – filing a Notice of Recommencement to start your work.  So I guess the best way to say this you can, but you need to do it very carefully, and what the circumstances would be.  So if you have any questions about your Notice of Commencement well give me a call at 727-847-2288.