What Can Be Done If My Agent Under My Power of Attorney is Misusing Funds?


Video Summary


What can be done if my agent under my power of attorney is misusing my funds?  The first thing you need to do is contact your attorney or an attorney immediately and rescind and revoke your power of attorney.  Secondly, if you are over the age of 50 or 55 you should contact the Elder Abuse Line and ask the sheriff department to investigate this matter as far as crimes against the elderly as far as them misusing your funds.  So the immediate response or as soon as you find out about this you need to revoke the power of attorney so that they can no longer use it, notify your bank and that way they will no longer be able to use it.


If you put someone on your account as a joint tenant, that is going to be problematic.  I suggest that you remove all the money from the account and open up another account just in your name so that they do not have access to it.  That is of course problematic if you are getting your monthly social security checks and pension checks in this particular account, but that is a step in the right direction and then notify Social Security and these other agencies to send the money to the new account that the joint tenant does not have access to so that they cannot misuse your funds.


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