If I Go Through Bankruptcy, Can I Keep My Homestead Property?


Video Summary


If I go through bankruptcy, can I keep my homestead property?  The answer is yes, you can.  When you file for bankruptcy, you cannot include your home in the bankruptcy action and if it is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you have to then of course keep paying your mortgage payments, the taxes, insurance and your other expenses related to your home.  But yes, you can exclude your homestead property from bankruptcy.


Now there are some limitations on exempting your homestead on how long you have lived there as so many days whenever you file bankruptcy.  So you cannot move into the state of Florida one day and then the next month file bankruptcy and protect your homestead property if it has a lot of equity in it.  So hopefully that answers your questions.  I don't do bankruptcy so if you call me I'll be glad to refer you to someone who will be able to help you with a bankruptcy if you would like to file a bankruptcy action and save your homestead or keep your homestead from being sold.


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