Who Pays Title Insurance?


Video Summary


Who pays for title insurance?  Well, title insurance is issued in conjunction with the sale of real property.  The sale of real property is governed by a contract between the buyer and the seller.  The provisions in the real estate contract indicate who is to pay for the title insurance premium and the closing cost as well as the other closing costs such as the documentary stamps.  It is controlled by contract.


The Pasco County or Tampa Bay Area it is customary for the seller to pay for title insurance.


If it is a cash transaction the only closing costs the buyer would have would be a home inspection, a survey, termite inspection, and the recording of a deed.  That is the custom in this area, although it is controlled by contract and if you are selling your home you can show that the buyer is to pay for the closing costs and pay for the title insurance.


The title insurance cost is usually shifted to the buyer if you are buying a new home from a developer; they usually shift that cost to you, to a buyer.


Hopefully I have answered your questions about who pays for title insurance and if you are selling your home and would like for me to prepare the contract please give me a call at 727-847-2288.