Does It Cost Money to Refinance My Home?


Video Summary


Does it cost money to refinance my home?  The answer is yes it usually does.  You usually have to go through the entire underwriting process and have to pay various fees.  There are some programs such as a streamline FHA or a VA program where the costs are minimal.  At one time there was a program involving mortgages that were not in default for a period of two years which is the making homes affordable wherein there were not any costs to refinance your property or modify your mortgage.  But by in large, you have to go through the underwriting and pay the fees.  They may not be quite as much as what they were when you initially got your mortgage but yes, you will have to pay to have your mortgage on your home refinanced.


One of the savings you can have is if you have your owner’s title insurance policy, if you contact me I will be glad to give you a credit towards your refinancing and when you do apply for refinancing. And you can designate who you wish to have at closing and who would be your title agent and assist you with the paperwork.


My phone number is 727-847-2288.  Thank you.