If My Home Goes into Foreclosure, Can I Remove and Sell the Kitchen Cabinets?


Video Summary

If my home goes into foreclosure, can I remove and sell the kitchen cabinets and other fixtures inside the home? The answer to that question is no, you should not be selling the fixtures. Whatever's attached to the property is real property and they have a mortgage against it, so it’s really basically a fraud against your lender if you start removing kitchen cabinets and fixtures. Now appliances, that’s something different, in that usually the mortgage does not cover appliances. But as far as light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, water heaters, windows, things such as this, that’s all part of the house and should not be removed in a mortgage foreclosure action and that is part of the real property. So hopefully if you’re in a mortgage foreclosure action, well give me a call and we’ll see about trying to help you out as far as a defense is concerned, or see what your alternatives are.

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