How Do I Evict a Family Member from Our Property?



Video Summary


Well this usually, involves a family member or even a friend who has worn out their welcome and are staying in your property and you let them take possession of the property. You’re not charging them any rent, and however now want them to leave the premises for whatever reason and there are any number of reasons I get these calls. The action is not an eviction action. It is called a Unlawful Detainer Action, although it is handled the same as an eviction is handled, in that you give the party who refuses to leave the premises a notice advising that they have a certain number of days to vacate and if they don’t vacate, well then you file an action called an Unlawful Detainer stating that they entered the property lawfully, however they refuse to surrender the property after you've made demand upon them. So if you have this type of problem and you need to have someone to get rid of an unwanted guest or a family member that’s outlived their welcome, give me a call at 727-847-2288.