How Can I Force a Co-Owner to Sell?


Video Summary


Well, the answer to that is, try and negotiate it and work it all out. However, if all else fails, you’re going to have to call a lawyer and if you call this lawyer he’ll explain to you that you can file an action called a Partition Action. A Partition is just like a partition wall and it says that you can file a lawsuit suing the co-owner and asking the court to appoint a third party, which is called a Special Magistrate. The Special Magistrate’s appointed to then sell the property for all the owners of the property and then deposit the money in the registry of the court and then the parties can then ask that it be divided. If either party has invested more, paid the taxes, or have what they call special equities, they can assert those against the purchase price and whenever the money is divided equally. The cost involving these type of proceedings usually runs in the neighborhood of $2500.00 to $3500.00. However, if they’re highly contested they can be a whole lot more than that.  The time period usually take about nine months and unfortunately it involves usually family members or prior domestic relationship between two parties that  may not have been married, but had resided together and purchased a house jointly. So if you need to get some property sold and you need a Partition Action filed, well give me a call at 727-847-2288.