If I am Married, Do All My Deceased Spouses Assets Pass to Me?


Video Summary


If I am married, do all of my deceased spouse’s assets pass to me?  Well, if he left a will leaving everything to you, the answer is yes, but the myth is that this happens automatically, and that is not true. You may have to go through a probate proceeding in order to obtain the assets. Depending on who his heirs are, as to whether or not the spouse will receive all of the assets or not. So if he has a will, the will, will control who will receive what assets.


We also have to consider homestead, and that if you’re survived, and the homestead property is just in the decedent’s name, well, then, he can only leave it to the spouse if he wants to do that as far as his will is concerned.  If he doesn’t leave it to the spouse, it is controlled by the Florida Constitution, the laws of the State of Florida, which gives the spouse a life estate or can elect to take a half interest in the property.


As far as the other assets are concerned, the state of Florida sets forth a will for you, or says who receives all the assets.  If the decedent is only survived by a spouse and there are no minor children, any children of the decedent, well, then, all the assets will pass to the surviving spouse. However, a probate proceeding will be necessary.


I don’t have time to go through all the various scenarios as far as if there are children of a prior marriage or children of that marriage as to how much the spouse receives and how much the children will receive, but the myth that it happens automatically is merely that – a myth – and if you lose your spouse, and they have assets in their name other than motor vehicles, please give me a call at 727-847-2288 so we can discuss what would be necessary and who will receive the assets.


Thank you.