Chip Waller - Why Do You Like Being a Lawyer?


Video Summary

Why do I like being a lawyer?  Well, I love to put a deal together - especially when I deal with the buyer and the seller of a business or a real estate transaction.  We try and put the deal together if we have a willing buyer and a willing seller.  We'll figure out ways to make it work and then negotiate the transaction.  I truly love doing transactional work where we put deals together when it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

I also like solving problems.  And many times people come in with problems with the intention of heading off to court.  But I often tell folks that a bad settlement is better than a good lawsuit.  Whenever you deal with attorneys, the cost of dealing with the legal system is very expensive, so I like to try to think of non-legal ways of solving problems.  Now, that doesn’t always work and therefore I defend a lot of people who have been sued when we don't have the opportunity to come up with a non-legal method of solving the problem.  It always takes two people to come up with a solution.


I guess, the best way of saying why I like being a lawyer is: I like helping folks and that comes as far as putting transactions together as well as helping them solve problems.  So if you like for me to try and help you or solve some of your problems or put a deal together, give me a call at (727) 847-2288.