Chip Waller - What Areas of Law Do You Practice?


Video Summary


What areas of law do I practice?  I try and help individuals in small businesses as well as representing as many banks as I can in West Pasco, where I have my office.  There are a few large corporate clients that are available, so I try to represent people in their various problems.  I don’t cover all areas of practice, so if you have a problem I cannot address, I'll try and direct you to an attorney who would handle it properly.

I am a Board Certified Real Estate Attorney, and I certainly can handle most of your real estate needs, if not all of those -- and that’s something I truly enjoy doing.  I have also been involved in Estate Planning for my entire legal career and try to stay current with that, as well as Estate Administration and Trust Administration.  We do Commercial Litigation.  Right now we are doing quite a bit of Foreclosure Defense, as well as representing investors and one or two banks as far as handling foreclosures are concerned.


One of the areas that I don’t practice in is bankruptcy.  I refer many of my cases to the local bankruptcy attorneys.  I also refer criminal law to different attorneys.  The law has become so specialized that there are any number of questions that come up and so I refer whoever contacts me to someone who I am confident will be able to do a good job for them.  So, if you have a question, give me a call and I would be glad to talk to you about it and see if it’s something I can handle for you, if not, I’ll head you in the right direction. (727) 847-2288.